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Writer's Block: Are you experienced?

Which is your favorite Jimi Hendrix song, and why?

Written by Jimi? Little Wing. But my favorite performance of Little Wing is Sting's.
Fire is a close second, and that of course is as performed by Jimi. Just listen to the drums.  Then there's Angel, but someone else's cover again gets the best performance - Fiona Apple's.

I only found out a few years ago that All Along the Watchtower was written by Dylan. But Dylan can't sing his own songs so I like Jimi's better. And The Wind Cries Mary is lovely too. And then that treble continuo on Are You Experienced is mesmerizing.

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The Best Kind of Internet Cookies

I found the most sparkling snowflake cookies in my LJ! Thank you so much, zelda_zee , alliecat8 , prettybutt , and angela_weber ! Their little silver ball decorations remind me of the real candy silver balls we used to put on cookies, that look like ball bearings but thankfully are made of sugar so they don't choke you. I don't know, maybe they do choke you and they've banned them in the last 30 years.
These are the sum total of my holiday decorating so far, so you've saved me! And they match the nice crunchy layer of snow that's still on the ground since Saturday.
*squishes flist*
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Another uber-long meme

There seem to be endless lists circulating; this 99 Experiences of a Life Well Lived seems rather random and tourism-heavy in its choices, but here goes. Lifted from the more-interesting  yas_m5. Bolded the ones I've done.  If you hang around the planet long enough you cover lots of them anyway.


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Julie et Julia

Julie and Julia is an absolutely delightful movie with a fantastic performance by Meryl Streep. As Julia Child, Meryl Streep once again loses herself in the role she's given and becomes Julia Child - perhaps a more exuberant version of the real Mrs. Child, but showing a love for life - and food - and an unfailingly happy-go-lucky outlook that absolutely conquers all.

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Sun & Jin

Fic: If Only I Could Be There Too

 If Only I Could Be There Too

Characters: Sun, Kate

Rating: PG
Word Count: 1564
Spoilers: Through 4x06, “316”.
Summary:  Sun’s missing time before the flight back to the island.
Disclaimer: I don't own Lost or its characters.

Notes:  Sun never got adequate focus on her dilemma of leaving her daughter behind as she returned to the island, or showed any curiosity about Kate without Aaron. This is her point of view as a mother with an unthinkable choice.



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Tigh Watchtower

The sea is a harsh mistress

A family is going home from their beach vacation this week without their 13-year-old son and brother. He was taken by the riptide while playing in the water with friends - poof - they saw his hand go up, and he was gone. Two other luckier kids were pulled out of the water but no sign of the boy - despite searches by jetskis, boats, helicopter, and human chain. Other people have been taken in by the riptide in the past two days; a man drowned after pulling his son out.

We all come to the seaside for fun and relaxation, but we forget how brutal she can be.  Someone can be pulled under by one of these currents in an instant - strong swimmers too. The water has been nearly empty of swimmers since the incident, but it will fill up again soon enough. Just the day before the sea was so calm we complained about the lack of waves to even ride into shore as I bobbed around on the swells.

I can't imagine coming out for a pleasant holiday and then losing your dear child like that. God help that family.
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lostsquee Luau: Slightly crack'd for hopelessfangirl

Here's a slightly crack pictorial for hopelessfangirl , who requested Crack and wouldn't mind Jack and Sawyer. This is something I did a while back, with a little input from amantium_irae . It sprang from Sawyer's actual dialogue in The Variable, and it's that locker room conversation between Jack and Sawyer that should have taken place.  This really happened, yup, (at least in my world) and is possibly the only time Jack has openly pwned Sawyer in the chicks department.  Apologies to fans of all sides of the quadrangle!

Characters: Jack, Sawyer, mentions of Jack/Kate, Sawyer/Kate, Sawyer/Juliet, Jack/Juliet
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers:  through 4x14 - The Variable
Disclaimer: Lost is not mine

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For Queen elise_509

For her Queenly request, elise_509 has asked to be reminded what she loved about James Ford so that she might recapture that after Season 5.  Darling, it’s ironic for me that you have fallen out with Sawyer, for you were the person who first made me like him, when my impression of him was so much the leering redneck. Through the way you captured his true voice in your fics, even your AU fics, you saw into his head and shared the vision of his character in a way that canon Sawyer occasionally pushed away.


So I’m regifting – giving you back bits of your own work that are among my personal favorites, that might reacquaint you with the heart and soul of the Sawyer that you love!  *big Hurley hug*

(some excerpts are rated R for language)


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